KDDI, Kyocera: Haptic Touch Display

Fukata Mikio, Assistant Manager, Application Development Section, KDDI, translated:

Up until now there has only been the feeling that you are touching glass on a touch panel, making it hard to tell if you have selected a button, leaving a slight sense of unease, but this new touch smartphone recreates the clicking feeling when you press a button on the touch panel.

Your finger feels a response when you input letters, so that you really get a feeling of assurance when you use it.

This test model does not have a multi-touch touch panel, but when it is commercialized multi-touch is a pre-requisite, so it will be possible to use two hands to touch keys and type letters for example.

We can make products using the same lateral and vertical dimensions as current terminals. We can keep devices fairly thin if we make products presuming the haptic device is included on it. This test model is fairly thick, but we can make products that are the same thickness as current devices. Our goal is to get this done as soon as possible. We’ve had people say they want this quickly, and we will talk to manufacturers so as to create products soon.

The haptic touch panel is developed by Kyocera and makes use of a vibration sensor and a pressure sensor. Vibration levels are dependent on how hard you press. I’m not entirely convinced that vibrations can be localized this way. In other words, I don’t think a global vibration can make the user experience the sensation of pushing individual buttons. But, I’ll reserve my final opinion until I can take it for a spin.

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