Motorola Droid X2 Review


At its thickest, the top, it’s 9.99mm (0.39-inches). Its 65.5mm width and 127.5mm height (5- x 2.5-inches) make room for a big, bright 4.3-inch LCD up front that’s moved up to qHD since the X — an impressive 960 x 540 resolution. Viewing angles are extremely good as is contrast, making this one of the best displays we’ve yet seen on a handset. It doesn’t quite have that look of the Super AMOLED Plus displays Samsung has been packing on phones like the Galaxy S II or the Infuse 4G, but its brightness, contrast, color reproduction, and most importantly resolution make it a very strong contender.

There is some concern as to whether or not the experience of viewing a 960×540 with RGBW PenTile Matrix is as good as viewing 800×480 RGB. Assuming the Droid X2 uses the same display technology (960×540 RGBW PenTile Matrix) as in the 4-inch Motorola Atrix here are some reviews stating their concerns.


The 4-inch display on the ATRIX packs a whopping 960 x 540 pixels into what Motorola is calling a qHD display. While the resolution is quite high, the display to us still looked pretty pixelated. It’s a little odd that the display on the Motorola DROID X actually looks better than the qHD display, in terms of clarity.

The sub-pixel structure of the RGBW PenTile has resulted in some users experiencing pixelation especially with text.


Unfortunately, despite the higher resolution, the ATRIX 4G renders the Android graphics (icons, text and such) rather pixelated when looking up close.

We normally use our smartphones at a distance of around twelve inches, at which the pixelations might not be visible to most. But it does seem that the virtual pixel algorithms might have some room for improving the pixelations that can be seen up close.


Personally I was bothered a bit by text rendering (particularly aliased text on zoomed out web pages) on the qHD screen. For the most part, the qHD display was pleasant to look at and its PenTile upbringings didn’t bother me.

Overall the Atrix, as well as the Droid X2, will deliver a very good viewing experience, but if you have sensitive eyes like I do some text pixelation might be bothersome. Before making a purchasing decision I would highly recommend looking at the Droid X2 focusing on text to see if your experience is satisfactory.

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