iCloud Is The New iTunes.

John Gruber:

iCloud is the new iTunes. The tethered digital hub is dead; long live the wireless digital hub. Apple sees iCloud as shaping the next ten years the way the iTunes-on-your-Mac/PC digital hub shaped the last ten.

I am old school when it comes to files: I like to have total control over where my files are and I have my own method of organization them. For instance, in my Pictures folder there are folders that have names such as 2011_05_18, 2011_05_27, and 2011_05_31 that follow the YYYY_MM_DD format. When I use iPhoto I only allow it to add photos to the iPhoto library; I don’t allow it to manage my files. I do the same thing with music and videos when using iTunes.

Now Steve Jobs mentioned that Apple has been working very hard and for a long time to get rid of the file system. With iCloud I think it will be doubly difficult for folks like me to continue having control over where my files are. Just think about how Photostream works: where are these photos stored when they are automatically pulled down from iCloud?

I think for most users the exact location of their files is not a concern, but for me I get a little irritated. The main reason is when I am backing up: I like to back up the actual files and not some library like the iTunes library or the iPhoto library. It might be iCloud that forces me to let go of my need to control exactly where my files go. With iCloud as an indirect method for backing up my digital assets to multiple devices there might not be a need for direct access to a digital file, as long as everything is working. My only concern is this: what happens when iCloud goes down and I need to know where my files are?

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