WWDC 2011: OS X Lion

Here are some interesting facts that were shared during today’s WWDC 2011 keynote for OS X Lion.

  • Mac user base: 54 million.
  • Mac has grown 28% Y/Y while PCs shrank 1%. Mac has out-grown the industry every quarter for the last five years.
  • Notebooks make up almost 75% of Mac sales.
  • Scroll bars: Appears only when you’re scrolling, like on iOS.
  • Full screen mode: Safari, iMovie, iCal, PDFs.
  • Mission Control: Expose and Spaces unified. All spaces are lined up top. All apps and all documents are expose’ed. All the widgets show up at the far left of the spaces bar. Managing a lot of windows should become a lot easier with OS X Lion’s Mission Control.
  • Momentum Scrolling: Just like in iOS.
  • Mac App Store: The #1 channel for buying software and is ahead of #2 Best Buy, #3 Walmart, and #4 Office Depot. The Mac App Store is built into OS X Lion including in-app purchases, push notifications, updates, and sandboxing (like the sandboxes in Google Chrome).
  • Resume: System-wide. Let’s you pick up where you left off.
  • Autosave: I guess I won’t be pressing command-S as often. The document name on the menu bar is a control that allows you to choose autosave behavior. You can “Revert to Last Opened” or “Browse All Versions…” or “Lock” or “Duplicate”. Only the changes are saved and you can access the different versions copying and pasting from one to another. Anyone who writes a lot will really appreciate these features.
  • AirDrop: A really simple file sharing app that feels like DropBox. Auto-discover, auto-setup. Icons of those that are using AirDrop are shown on a window and you just AirDrop stuff into them and the files are shared. Nifty.
  • Mail: Good bye Sparrow, hello Mail. Full screen mode supported with a menu bar for folders. Revamped searching.
  • Priced at US$29.99 and only available via the Mac App Store. The download is 4GB (a big Internet pipe will help) and will be available in July.

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