Rêve et Réalité

Amar Toor:

It’s all part of something called Rêve et Réalité (Dream and Reality), a Samsung-sponsored exhibition that brings some of the world’s most celebrated works to Seoul’s Hangaram Museum via four, 46-inch LEDs. The expo, on display until September, features some of the greatest hits from Claude Monet, Jean F. Millet and, most notably, Van Gogh, whose Starry Night has never been on display in Korea (and, as far as we’re concerned, still hasn’t).

Four 46-inch LEDs. That’s some serious luminance! Toor probably meant to say 46-inch LCDs with LED backlights. The greatest hits? Like Michael Jackson’s Thriller? How about: The greatest works of art. Okay, enough poking.

One striking feature of those four 46-inch LED-backlit digital information displays (DIDs) as Samsung likes to call them is the extremely thin bezels. But even really thin bezels get in the way of appreciating works of art like Van Gogh’s Starry Night. If it was up to me I would have used the largest LCD in Samsung’s lineup for a seamless experience.

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