Digital Signage Japan 2011: SCALA Transparent Touch Display

Akihabara News: The SCALA Digital Signage Kit is based on Samsung’s transparent display technology. I can see the potential attractiveness of transparent interactive windows for retailers: instead of just looking through the glass at beautiful things, you can touch for more information. I would like to see a closer integration between what is behind the display, the actual product, and what is on the transparent display, perhaps something like augmented reality.

Update: I’ve removed the Vimeo-hosted video. In some cases the video worked (Flash-disabled browsers) and in others it didn’t (Flash-enabled browsers and mobile Safari). When a Flash-disabled browser is used, like Safari on my MacBook Pro, Vimeo serves up the non-Flash version of the video, except when using mobile Safari. On a Flash-enabled browser Video puts up some lame excuse stating that the creator of the video didn’t give permission. From now on I will not be embedding Vimeo-hosted videos on DisplayBlog.

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