E3 2011: Sony 2D/3D 24-inch Gaming 1080p LCD for PS3

PlayStation Blog: The Sony 24-inch 3D monitor is priced at US$500 and comes with a pair of 3D glasses. The pixel format is 1920×1080 and Sony chose active shutter 3D technology. Be glad the company decided to include a pair of 3D glasses because those can get really expensive, $70 to be exact. The 24-inch 1080p display can also work as a regular 2D monitor.

One major feature of the Sony 3D PS3 LCD monitor is a special two-player feature that delivers individual full HD views to two players. In other words, each player sees a slightly different view of the game.

The overall design of the monitor is a bit superfluous with the rounded, extra-thick bezels on the left and right; I would have preferred a more streamlined industrial design. Please note that viewing 3D content using active shutter technology may be harmful to your vision.

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