iPhone Macro Photography With a Loupe

I’m having a lot of fun with macro photography via a loupe using my iPhone 4 and thought I’d share.

For quite some time I’ve been exploring ways to take interesting photographs with my iPhone 4. As some of you may know my iPhone 4 is my only photographic tool for both still pictures and videos. With a Lombart 10x loupe I’ve been fascinated by how things look up close, very close.

Macro photography using a loupe and your iPhone requires some steady hands: the lens on the iPhone 4 needs to be flat to the loupe, which also needs to be held steady. Since the loupe has a narrow opening the iPhone lens has to be exactly centered, unless you’re looking for a vignette look.

This was taken from Paul Allen’s Idea Man. It’s the hardback version. Look at that fibrous texture. I think my reading experience is going to be a bit more organic from now on.

And it’s easy to take close up photos of displays. The photo above clearly shows a RGB stripe sub-pixel structure. The little smudge on the bottom is due to a smudge on the LCD; thankfully it isn’t a defect.

There are some cases with lens attachments you can buy for your iPhone 4, but with a simple loupe and a couple of steady hands you can quickly be up and running with macro photography on your iPhone 4.

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