Samsung Series 5 Chromebook Review

David Pogue:

Truth is, considering how stripped-down the Samsung is, you have to wonder why it’s as big, heavy and expensive as it is. You can find plenty of full-blown Windows laptops with the same price, weight and size.

Maybe the Chromebook concept would fly if it cost $180 instead of $500. Maybe it makes more sense if you rent it (students and corporations can lease Chromebooks for $20 to $30 a month). Maybe it will fly once this country gets free coast-to-coast 4G cellular Internet, which should be just after hell freezes over.

For now, though, you should praise Google for its noble experiment. You should thrill to the possibilities of the online future. You should exult that somebody’s trying to shake up the operating system wars.

John Gruber:

Really? Why? Would everyone have praised Apple for its “noble experiment” if the $500 iPad had been too big and heavy, felt like it was worth only $180, and was “a 3.3-pound paperweight” when offline?

Apple has changed how experimenting is done: do it exceptionally well the very first time. No company has a perfect record, including Apple, but it seems the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook would have been better if it was thinner, lighter, and less expensive. At least that’s what I’m hearing from Pogue and Gruber.

As for being offline, I’m almost always online, but not being able to do anything when offline is, well, off-putting.

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