Rumor: Edge-to-Edge Display on iPhone 5


SpeechTrans TM, an app developer with links to speech recognition firm Nuance, has posted screenshots of an app running on what appears to be an iPhone with an edge-to-edge screen.

Grab your iPhone 4. Look closely at how your fingers hang over the display. On an edge-to-edge display that could constitute a touch, a bad user experience design. And the bottom of the display is too close to the Home button resulting in similar unwanted touches on the screen.

Update: Dr. Raymond Soneira, President of DisplayMate, sent this in:

If you magnify the screen shots 3X then it’s then easy to see that the supposed iPhone 5 screen shot is a poorly done cut and paste job from the iPhone 4 screen shot – the screen shot pixels on the frame of the iPhone 5 are identical to the screen shot pixels on the iPhone 4 so they were lifted from the iPhone 4 rather than being from an independent screen shot. Plus the iPhone 5 screen cuts into the Home button…

Edge-to-edge iPhone 5? A fraud.

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