Worship Center Digital Signage Solution Using BrightSign Solid-State Media Controllers

Don Wambolt, Creative Ministries Director at Worship Center in Lancaster, PA:

I had seen BrightSign at an InfoComm tradeshow. They caught my eye because the media players are solid-state and very inexpensive compared to PC-based players. Plus, BrightAuthor, the content manager software, was included free and was a visual-based application.

The Worship Center has 18 displays that are connected to seven network-enabled BrightSign HD1010 media players. BrightAuthor’s WYSIWYG design interface allows for straightforward creation, publishing, management and monitoring of all 18 digital signage displays.


The features of the BrightSign Network and its interface make it easy for me to group the displays by location and by the content they each need. With just a few clicks, I can update all of the information displayed in the student ministries area as well as the speaking schedule in the meeting rooms without leaving my desk. If I need a group of signs to change at 2:00 P.M., but I know I will be in a meeting during that time, I can schedule the change in advance.

The BrightSign controllers consume 3 to 5 watts of power, which is considerably less than a typical PC system that requires about 20x. And because they are solid state not only are they reliable but generate less heat requiring less cooling costs.

This is the Worship Center’s main display in the sanctuary. Beautiful.

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