Apple’s product designs will eventually be mimicked…

The New York Times:

Yet Apple’s product designs, however impressive, will eventually be mimicked and come under price pressure, just as the mainframe did, predicts Michael A. Cusumano, professor at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In time, he says, Apple may want to borrow a page from I.B.M. and rely increasingly on software and services for its livelihood.

John Gruber:

I wonder if professor Cusumano thinks companies like, say, Rolex and BMW ought to shift to “software and services” too? I don’t think this guy understands Apple at all.

Apple’s product designs will eventually be mimicked? There are plenty of examples on the market already. Under price pressure? Just look at the iPad 2: I don’t know of any product that is as beautiful, capable, or affordable.

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