The iPad Made Me Ditch My iPhone

John Brownlee at Cult of Mac:

It’s a weird thing, but once you get an iPad, using an iPhone just feels hopelessly cramped. All of a sudden, the profoundly rich experience of using iOS and its apps goes from the context of a frame through which you can do anything you want to do to a tiny terminal. Sure, you have access to all the same stuff, but short of two big exceptions — phone and SMS — it’s all done worse than on an iPad with 3G.

I like taking photos and my iPhone is my always-with-me digital camera. The iPad 2 can’t compete with the iPhone when it comes to photography. Not even close. Even if it did, you wouldn’t want to be taking a lot of photographs with the iPad; it’s just too big.

As a display guy, I’m tempted by the lure of larger displays, but not with the iPad. The 3.5-inch Retina Display on the iPhone 4 is much smaller, but it is simply superior. Yes, I realize it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison since one is a smartphone and the other is a tablet. The 326-ppi Retina Display is pure eye-candy. The iPad doesn’t come close. I will say this: I wouldn’t know what to do when the iPad comes with a Retina Display. I might just have to start taking pictures with it.

But right now, if I were to pick just one between a 3G iPad (plus Nokia dumbphone) or an iPhone 4, I’d pick the later for photographs, portability, and the superior display. Plus I only have to care for a single device, instead of two.

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