Nokia N9 Review


The Clear Black AMOLED display is truly a sight to behold, with stunning viewing angles, a curved Gorilla Glass front, and some pretty excellent (for AMOLED) performance out in the sunlight. We compared it side by side with a Super LCD-equipped Incredible S and the N9 more than held its own. The screen is easily one of this new phone’s great strengths, though we’d argue the intuitive UI, responsiveness, and eye-catching industrial design are pretty high up on that list too.

The Nokia N9 sports a largish 3.9-inch OLED display called Clear Black AMOLED. The bit depth is eight so you get 16 million colors and the pixel format is a respectable 854×480 with a 16:9 aspect ratio. There is an anti-glare polarizer that helps viewability out in the sun. The display seems to be excellent, but.

John Gruber:

Four and a half years after Apple announced the iPhone, Nokia has now announced a worthy rival. And it’s based on the Meego OS that apparently is a dead-end, as the company prepares to focus on Windows Phone 7.

Why Meego? Why now?


We wanted to design a better way to use a phone, and it comes down to one simple gesture – a swipe.

Check out the “Nokia N9 design story” video that shows the concept of “just a swipe away”.

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