Ways To Make The iPad Suck Less in Direct Sunlight

Mike Elgan at Cult of Mac:

Second, Apple needs to do something about the iPad screen’s horrible performance in direct sunlight. I don’t know what the solution is — whether it could be fixed with a simple mat finish, a direct sunlight mode with a turbo-boost for the brightness or if some entirely new technology is in order. I have the feeling that Amazon’s Android tablet is not only going to be great in direct sun, but will emphasize that fact in TV ads. The iPad’s weakness here is becoming glaringly obvious.

Here are some suggestions to make the iPad suck less in direct sunlight: matte, anti-reflective coating, anti-glare coating, transflective (transmissive + reflective) design, higher brightness through more optimal optical film stack and/or brighter more efficient LEDs, optical lamination, etc. These are all doable as in mass-manufacturable at a reasonable cost, today.

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