HP Says Apple Not TouchPad’s Target

Richard Kerris, VP of Worldwide Developer Relations at HP via The Loop:

We think there’s a better opportunity for us to go after the enterprise space and those consumers that use PCs. This market is in it’s infancy and there is plenty of room for both of us to grow.

With a strong presence in the enterprise space it is the only opportunity for HP. Consumers that use PCs? I’m betting that a large portion of PC users are also iPad users. But what I’m interested in finding out is this: why did HP copy the overall industrial design of the iPad with the exact same display (9.7 inches, 1024×768 pixel format, 4:3 aspect ratio), and gear the TouchPad toward the enterprise?

John Gruber thinks it’s smart, I do too, but I don’t buy it. I believe HP is going after the same market Apple is with the iPad. And from all the reviews I’ve read this morning I don’t have confidence that HP’s TouchPad is competitive: not in the consumer space, not with PC users, and not in the enterprise market. The iPad has cornered the first two markets. The enterprise? The strongest contender in the enterprise market is RIM and look where it’s headed.

*Update:* HP has thrown in the towel after dismal *consumer* demand for its TouchPad.

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