HP TouchPad Review by Jason Snell

Jason Snell at MacWorld:

Sometimes I think one of the most important achievements of Apple’s iOS development team is completely overlooked by most reviewers: the fact that on iOS devices, when you move your finger, the on-screen objects under your finger move along with it. No lag, no judder of dropped frames, just a pure illusion that you’re physically manipulating an object. Almost every time I have tried a new Android phone or tablet—and when I tried the TouchPad—I am surprised to find that the interface just isn’t as responsive as Apple’s.

Imagine text appearing a split second after you press the key on your keyboard. Or if the mouse pointer moved, not as you were moving your mouse, but a little later. That experience would drive anyone mad and would be unacceptable on a modern computer.

And here is HP, one of the largest high-tech companies in the world, with complete control over its hardware and operating system, not able to get this right, and trying to hawk its not-fully-baked TouchPad for $500. Maybe HP isn’t as good as I thought at copying Apple.

Snell’s conclusion:

For now, the TouchPad is just another iPad competitor that can’t measure up.

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