Majority of New Cell Phone Purchases in US are Smartphones


According to Nielsen’s May survey of mobile consumers in the U.S., 38 percent now own smartphones. And 55 percent of those who purchased a new handset in the past three months reported buying a smartphone instead of a feature phone, up from 34 percent just a year ago.

Feature phone is out; smartphone is in. This trend isn’t surprising.

ars technica:

Those numbers show that Android still makes up the majority of new smartphone sales for customers who picked them up in the last three months, but interest in the platform has stopped growing for now. But Apple has managed to fight back: interest in iPhones has risen anew since January when iPhones sales had tapered off, while Android phones were climbing. The introduction of the Verizon iPhone likely had something to do with this swapping of roles, as analysts predicted shortly after its introduction.

What baffles me is how interest in Android smartphones has stopped growing? Especially in light of so many new Android smartphone introductions. And interest for iPhones increases with just a Verizon iPhone. I wonder what would happen if Apple broadened iPhone availability to T-Mobile and Sprint.

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