Nasahn Sheppard on the Flip

Nasahn Sheppard, Director of Industrial Design at Smart Design, the company that designed the Flip via David Pogue’s column at The New York Times:

Flip was the undisputed leader of a category that it had helped to create. It fundamentally reshaped the video capturing market. Most importantly, it did exactly (and only) what it promised it would do; its fun, approachable, mode-specific design allowed people to capture and share the in-between moments in their lives. As a parent, the moments of life I want to capture are fleeting. Pulling out my smartphone, launching an app, and waiting for video-capture to start will, without fail, lead me to miss the moment.

Umm. With Sky Balloon’s Capture it takes less to start recording. Previously you had to unlock your iPhone, tap the Camera app, flip to video mode, and finally tap the record button. With Capture you unlock your iPhone, tap the Capture app, and you’re recording video. The iPhone is an amazing tool: as a whole it’s like a Swiss Army knife, but peer into the individual apps and it behaves like a single-purpose device, much like the Flip.

I do agree with Sheppard that smartphones like the iPhone didn’t kill the Flip.

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