Toshiba + Sony + Hitachi = LCD Powerhouse

David Hsieh, DisplaySearch:

If this were to occur, the merger would create not only a manufacturing powerhouse, but also a technology leader.

What each company brings to the table:

  • Toshiba: LTPS (Low Temperature Poly-Silicon), OCB (Optically Compensated Bend), auto-stereoscopic 3D for mobile devices.
  • Hitachi Displays: IPS (In-Plane Switching), MEMS displays in cooperation with Pixtronix.
  • Sony: IPS, LTPS, AMOLED.

The small/medium display space is becoming more important as enthusiasm for TVs have waned while smartphone and tablet sales have been extraordinarily strong. A small/medium display joint venture among Toshiba, Sony, and Hitachi would bring serious competition to the display industry, currently led by Korea-based Samsung and LG Display.

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