Verizon Captures One Third of U.S. iPhone 4 Market

Research firm Localytics via

Despite AT&T’s nearly eight-month head start, Verizon has managed to capture nearly a third of the U.S. iPhone 4 market.

As of July 1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Verizon eventually captured roughly 50% of all iPhone sales in the near future. In key iPhone markets like San Francisco and Manhattan, Verizon’s network is rock solid while AT&T service is generally poor.

When Apple introduces an iPhone that makes use of LTE, Verizon will again be a clear winner. The only disadvantage Verizon compared to AT&T is its erratic billing system that often messes up your monthly bill.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an iPhone that works on Sprint. Why? Sprint’s service is considered quite reliable and licenses Verizon’s network when not available. And Sprint offers unlimited data services, for now.

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