AUO, CMI, LG Display, Samsung, Sharp Predict 20% Penetration of 3DTV by End of 2011

Rebecca Kuo at DigiTimes:

The top five panel makers, Samsung, LG Display, AU Optronics (AUO), Chimei Innolux (CMI) and Sharp have been increasing supply of panels for 3D TVs and expect the penetration of 3D TVs to reach 20% by the end of 2011. AUO and LG Display have been the main suppliers of polaroid type of 3D TV panels while Samsung and CMI have been the panel suppliers for the shutter type. The competition between the two types will help to lower the price of 3D TVs.

I don’t see it. 3D TVs are more expensive, cumbersome, and some suggest are bad for your eyes. With active-shutter 3D you’ll need to spend a considerable sum for glasses if you want to share the experience. And if you have younger kids in the family, I would highly recommend not getting a TV at all. But if a TV is a must then opt for a non-3D version.

Samsung has recently dropped its active-shutter 3D glasses to $50 and with each 3D TV set the company includes two sets of glasses. Rachel King at ZDNet:

However, if it is necessary to pay around $50 per set of 3D glasses when there are more than two viewers present, then it’s going to be difficult for Samsung (or any other TV manufacturer, for that matter) to sell this as a living room gadget. Sure, the main idea behind 3D is to up the picture quality and presentation. But there’s also something said about TVs being an inclusive product for families and households with more than two people.

Although I don’t plan to buy a 3D TV now or in the near future, if I were to buy an active shutter version now, a middle of the road 46-inch version (UN46D6400) with three extra pairs of glasses would cost about US$1300. That’s quite a bit more compared to about $750 I could spend on a TV without 3D (LN46D630).

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