The Fall of iPhone in the UK

Christian Zibreg at 9to5 Google:

The fall of iOS came as a result of the overall UK market growing at a faster pace than iPhone sales, which have been overshadowed for the past two months as Samsung’s Galaxy S II smartphone emerged as the best-selling smartphone.

The iPhone is the priciest smartphone in the UK with 45% of contracts offering it for free compared to 90% of contracts for Android smartphones.

Partly because of the price and partly because of stiff competition, according to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, the share of iPhone sales in the UK for the 12 weeks ending June 12, 2011 was 18.3% compared to Android smartphones’ 45.2%.

The main competition is the Samsung Galaxy S II. With its 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display sporting a RGB stripe 800×480 pixel format. The iPhone beater, at least in the UK, sold three million in 55 days worldwide.

As if the Samsung Galaxy S II isn’t good enough, Google will soon up the ante with a Super AMOLED HD-equipped Nexus Prime. Rumor has it the Super AMOLED HD display will sport a 1280×720 pixel format. Bonkers.

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