OLED a Serious Threat to LCD


Taiwan-based panel makers have been behind other leading panel firms in the development of AMOLED technology, but the Taiwan makers estimate that AMOLED will not seriously threaten the TFT LCD market in the next three years but its potential is great.

Because of certain technology hurdles, OLED display technology has been limited to smartphones, in particular Samsung-branded smartphones such as the Galaxy S II. The 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus-equipped Galaxy S II is the fastest-selling smartphone in Samsung’s history, selling three million in 55 days. And is only second to Apple’s iconic iPhone 4.

The company intends to sell considerably more with its new, and world’s largest, Gen 5.5 OLED fab. In my opinion, OLED display technology is already a serious threat to TFT LCDs capturing mindshare in what is one of the fastest growing markets today: smartphones.

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