iPad Tablet Share: 94% → 61%

Peter King, Director at Strategy Analytics, via Enhanced Online News:

Global tablet shipments reached 15.1 million units in Q2 2011, surging 331 percent from 3.5 million in Q2 2010. Consumer and business demand for touchscreen computers remains high. Apple shipped a record 9.3 million iPads and registered a healthy 61 percent global tablet market share during the second quarter of 2011. However, Apple has drifted down from 94 percent share in Q2 2010 due to a rising number of competing software platforms.

Despite the incredible year-over-year growth in iPad shipments, Android tablets have grown faster from almost nothing (about 100K units) in Q2’10 to 4.6 million in Q2’11. You can have huge growth figures when you’re starting from near zero, but the key is sustained growth. Here are a couple of ways for Apple to sustain its growth in iPad sales:

Apple currently sells the iPad 2 and refurbished first-generation iPads. What I’d like to see is the iPhone strategy applied to the iPad. Sell the original iPad discounted alongside the iPad 2.

The second idea is to bifurcate the iPad line by adding an iPad Pro. I believe there will be two distinct iPad markets in the near future: one that is focused on thin and light, and the other on performance, in particular display performance.

Update: John Gruber suggests Android numbers are shipments into the channel, not units sold to customers:

So it seems pretty clear that today’s numbers from Strategy Analytics only reflect how many tablets are being put on the market, not how many are actually being sold to customers.

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