LCD TV Panel Inventory Growing


Weak demand in the LCD TV market has been putting great pressure on panel makers. According to industry sources, While the third quarter has been the traditional high season for LCD displays, sales of LCD TVs has not increased as expected causing the inventory of TV panels to grow. Panel makers hope that by reducing production during the high season, coupled with growth in consumption during Christmas holidays in the fourth quarter can bring back effective demand.

The TV channel is being cautious. The guys facing customers, the Best Buys, the Amazons are probably experiencing weak demand. They have enough inventory and won’t be aggressively stocking up for sales in November and December, still four months away. TV brands are in the same boat.

Unfortunately for LCD TV panel manufacturers their LCD fabs run 24/7. Unless the panels are shipped out inventory will continue to pile up. Expect some type of demand creation, like a big sale, from one or two of the major TV brands in the near future.

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