BookBook for iPhone

Twelve South has ported its BookBook case to the iPhone 4. The BookBook for iPhone is an all-in-one vintage case and wallet. It looks good, at first glance.

In my left front pocket I carry an iPhone 4 and a credit card holder. I haven’t had the urge to simplify further since the two items serve their purposes quite well.

I use my iPhone much more than I do my wallet. Thankfully. I check my email, RSS feeds, text, make the occasional phone call, and take lots of photographs and videos.

I put some cash, a few business cards, a debit card and other identification cards in the card holder.

The BookBook for iPhone would let me combine the two, and it would work neatly with what I have. One less thing to grab when heading out the door. The idea sounds good, but there are some problems. For me at least.

I can imagine whenever I want to use my iPhone, and that would be often, having just a little bit of anxiety. I like to keep my card holder in my front pocket, for obvious reasons. Second, I only take my holder out when I need to pay for something. I don’t like exposing it longer than I need to. And that’s exactly what I’d be doing whenever I want to use my iPhone.

The other problem: my iPhone is my camera, my only camera. I take a lot of photos with it. And from what I saw in the video (at around the 0:39-sec mark) I don’t think I’d want to take out my BookBook case, flip the flap open, push the iPhone up exposing the lens, and then take a picture, every time.

The BookBook for iPhone is a fantastic idea and it’s quite beautiful. But for the two reasons mentioned above, it’s not for me.

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