CPT Defensive Posture With Intellectual Ventures Collaboration


As part of this set of agreements, CPT also gains membership in IV’s IP for Defense program and access to broad areas of strategic cooperation. For customers accused of patent infringement, IV’s IP for Defense program provides them with the ability to obtain patents from IV’s portfolio to support counter-assertion, enabling more efficient negotiations in order to reduce liabilities and achieve favorable licensing terms.

In other words IV’s IPs are nuclear patent warheads. CPT’s strategy: you nuke me, I’ll nuke you. Mutually assured destruction. Nobody wants that, so let’s play nice. With LCD manufacturers getting bombarded with IP infringement cases, having nuclear capability makes for an effective defensive posture. Interestingly, many cases are initiated by IV’s 1300 or so shell companies.

The timing is amusing: This American Life just aired an exposé on IV, a patent troll on steroids.

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