A Focus on Reading Makes The New Yorker App A Success

Pamela Maffei McCarthy, Deputy Editor of The New Yorker, via The New York Times:

That was really important to us: to create an app all about reading. There are some bells and whistles, but we’re very careful about that. We think about whether or not they add any value. And if they don’t, out the window they go.

The New Yorker iPad app has been most successful for Condé Nast:

  • iPad readers: 100,000
  • iPad app annual subscribers: 20,000
  • Print subscriber downloads: 75,000
  • Single issue purchasers: thousands per week

David Remnick, Editor of The New Yorker:

What do people read The New Yorker for? To read.

I’d like to see an iPad feature that turns the LCD into an E Ink, so I can really get some reading done.

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