Appsterdam Legal Defense Team

Mike Lee:

Let App Makers be as the ants of East Texas, minding their business until someone invades their anthill. Then Swarm! Swarm! Swarm! We will let the patent trolls know: if you attack one indie, you attack all indies, and we will file every motion we can against you, we will attack your patents, and we will show you for the mafioso thugs you are.

Michael McCoy, Texas-trained California-licensed intellectual property attorney, will be lead counsel for the Appsterdam Legal Defense Team, which will be composed of indie developers defending against patent trolls.


We’re going after Lodsys for sure, but understand the ultimate target is Intellectual Ventures. They are the Mordor to these trolls.

And the software patent system would be the Ring. Read The Troll on Steroids.

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