IDAPT i4 Universal Charging Station

The IDAPT i4 Universal Charging Station helps simplify charging.

Six tips are included in the box: Nokia 2, Apple 30-pin, mini USB, micro USB, Sony Ericsson 2, and Samsung 4. My review unit came with an additional 30-pin tip, but depending on the type and number of devices you have there’s a good chance you’ll need additional tips, which are pricey at US$10 each. When purchasing the i4 you can choose between the default pack with six tips or a custom four pack of your choice.

The tips are fairly easy to switch: press the two buttons on the side to pop them out. A compartment to store the extra tips might have been handy for those who need a lot of tips and/or change them out frequently.

There are three tips on top, but looking at the i4, I’m certain there is room on top to have had four tips instead. Maybe there’s an i5 in the works? For larger gadgets like an iPad there is a USB port on the side.

As you can see the iPhone 3GS, battery case, and iPhone 4 are all concurrently being charged. Before the i4, there were at least three chargers, with three cords, and three plugs. Now I have just one.

I like the overall look of the i4; it has simple function-focused lines. But the material left me wanting a bit. Instead of plastic I would have preferred something a bit more robust like aluminum or stainless steel. The $59.99 price would have certainly gone up, but the i4 would have matched up better with the pricy gadgets it powers. Still, getting rid of the clutter and simplifying into a single, albeit plastic, unit was visually satisfying.

As with all new things, it took a while for me and my family to get used to charging on the i4. But because it’s easy to identify the tip and plug in the right device, changing our charging habits and getting used to the i4 didn’t take too long.

IDAPT has accomplished what it set out to do with the i4 Universal Charging Station: simplify the often entangled business of charging our many gadgets. Definitely worth the investment.

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