iPad Design Advantage

IHS Senior Analyst, Wayne Lam:

Since Apple controls both the operating system and hardware design of the iPad, it is able to attain design efficiencies that other tablet manufacturers cannot. These efficiencies become obvious in areas like the memory and the battery, where Apple maintains advantages in cost, space savings and performance compared with every competitor in the business.

In the short term, I don’t think Android has a good chance of providing an experience rivaling the iPad. The openness in this instance is ending up to be a disadvantage, not for selling a whole bunch of units, but for creating an exceptional tablet experience.

In my opinion, HP has the best chance competing with Apple, in the long run. For now it has to perform a delicate dance between two partners: the beautiful but aging Windows, and the youthful but unproven webOS. Apple, in the meantime, will go on dancing with the stars.

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