The T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide Camera

Myriam Joire, Engadget:

[…] HTC designed a completely new camera module using a backside-illuminated 8 megapixel sensor combined with a quality 3.69mm 1:2.2 wide-angle autofocus lens. […] That being said, we’re pretty excited about the dedicated two-stage machined aluminum shutter key, which feels wonderful and provides just the right amount of resistance — it’s better than the N8’s. Of course, if you prefer leaving fingerprints all over the viewfinder the camera also includes touch-to-focus along with an onscreen shutter key.

Why would any self-respecting product designer allow “8.0 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA” to be tatted on the back of the smartphone?

Are smartphone manufacturers serious about improving photographic capabilities? If they really are they should get off the megapixel bandwagon.

Instead of cramming more pixels into the image sensor, the focus should be on getting more light to each pixel, which should be getting bigger not smaller.

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