Android Captures 48% Worldwide Smartphone OS Marketshare in Second Quarter 2011


Android, the number one platform by shipments since Q4 2010, was also the strongest growth driver this quarter, with Android-based smart phone shipments up 379% over a year ago to 51.9 million units. Growth was bolstered by strong Android product performances from a number of vendors, including Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, ZTE and Huawei. The final country-level data delivered to clients today shows there were particularly strong performances from Android devices in APAC countries, such as South Korea, where Android holds an 85% platform share, and Taiwan, where it has 71%.

With shipments of 20.3 million iPhones and a market share of 19%, iOS overtook Nokia’s Symbian platform during the quarter to take second place worldwide. In doing so, Apple also became the world’s leading individual smart phone vendor, stripping Nokia of its long-held leadership position.

Android is undoubtedly the fastest-growing smartphone OS in the world, in terms of unit sales. What’s interesting is the 85%-share in South Korea. Not surprising though. Unfortunately for the brands that make Android smartphones there is very little profit. According to Horace Dediu, Apple captured two thirds of available mobile phone profits in Q2.

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