2011 13-inch MacBook Air: 1440×900 Was Perfect

David Martin, Cult of Mac:

The screen resolution 1440×900 was perfect for my needs and matches that of a 15-inch MacBook Pro. It was crisp and clear. I had no problems using it for lengthy periods of time and I never saw any reason to attach the computer to an external display. I seldom do that with any portable computer I’ve ever owned. After all a portable is a portable. I always thought that tying a display to a portable computer was akin to adding a boat anchor onto it. I prefer a separate desktop like my iMac instead.

I like the idea of having one computer fill all of my needs. That’s probably why I gave up some mobility and went with a 17-inch MacBook Pro. I split the 1920×1200 pixel format into two 960×1200 windows and work as if I had two monitors.

I’d rather not juggle a 13-inch MacBook Air and an iMac. The thought of maintaining two computers isn’t appealing. A docking station where I slide in a MacBook to gain access to a 27-inch display sounds compelling though.

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