Sharp Elite Pro-60X5FD, Pro-70X5FD: Full LED-backlit, Quad-Pixel LCD TV

Earlier this year, Sharp announced that it had licensed the Elite brand name from Pioneer. According to that press release:

Sharp Electronics Corporation, the U.S. subsidiary of Japan’s Sharp Corporation, and Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today announced that Sharp will be granted license of Pioneer’s “Elite” brand for a line of high-end flat panel displays to be introduced in the U.S. and Canada this year.

Well, Sharp has done just that with two Elite-branded high-end LCD TVs: the 60-inch Pro-60X5FD and the 70-inch Pro-70X5FD. Listed are some noteworthy specs from Sharp’s announcement:

  • RGB+Y: Or Quad-Pixel technology that adds a yellow sub-pixel to red, green, and blue. Sharp calls it Quattron, but isn’t using that sub-brand on these Elites.
  • Scanning Backlight: Using a “unique scanning backlight technology” the overall refresh rate of the LED-backlit LCD has an effect greater than 240Hz.
  • Full Array LED: Instead of the typical cost-saving lower-performance edge-lit LED backlight, Sharp incorporated a direct-lit full LED backlight. This allows for more precise local dimming resulting in better contrast by making blacks really black.

The Pro-60X5FD has a US$5999.99 MSRP while the larger Pro-70X5FD is $8499.99. Hop on over to the Elite microsite for more info.

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