Motorola Droid 3

Joanna Stern, This is my next…:

I may not be thrilled about some of the aforementioned aesthetic tweaks, but the new qHD display on the Droid 3 is an entirely different story. The Gorilla Glass screen is smooth and everything looks very crisp. It’s not as bright as Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus panel, but colors were vivid enough for my liking. Yes, Motorola does seem to be using the same PenTile display as the Atrix here, which means you can still noticeably make out a grid of pixels. (AnandTech has a great write-up on the display here.) In comparison to the Droid 2′s panel, it’s a big step up in terms of resolution, and I can’t really say I was bothered all that much by the pixel visibility at the typical distance I hold the phone from my face.

Pixels were visible but she wasn’t bothered. That’s interesting: if pixels were visible that would bother me.

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