Google, Adéu.

I don’t know how many there were, but I’m guessing about 30,000. After popping them down to Mail, painstakingly deleting every single one I don’t need, I am left with just over 10,000 email messages. It took a good chunk of my evening yesterday and tonight. But I’m glad it’s done.

I’ve had a change of heart. I thought Google was the good guy. Not any more. What really did it for me were two emails. One by Google’s Tim Lindholm and the other by Andy Rubin. You can read the details in Oracle versus Google, but the gist of it is Google cheats. And I don’t trust the company any more.

But what can an individual do to express this sense of disappointment and a tinge of anger? I’ve decided to stop using Google services as much as possible.

First, Gmail. This is a big one. I’ve been using Gmail since 2007. With the recent changes in the UI, I rather like it. But if Google cheats, then I don’t want to expose myself. Yes, Google states that it values my privacy, but I don’t trust the company to do the right thing when it means choosing between what is right and difficult or wrong and convenient. I want my private information to be private.

Second, Reader. This too is big. I subscribe to 32 RSS subscriptions so it took a good while to add the feeds into Mail. I’ve also gotten used to Google’s keyboard navigation, but Mail makes it easy: arrow keys. I haven’t used Mail’s RSS feature up to this point, but from the little I’ve seen so far I think it’ll be okay.

Third, Google’s search. This is the company’s golden egg. Without search Google is barely anything. The alternative? The default search engine on Safari has been changed to Microsoft’s Bing. From what I can tell the difference in search results are trivial.

There are other services that I plan to transition away from in the near future: Google Analytics, Feedburner, and Google Docs. Know of any solid alternatives? Send your recommendations to

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