Nokia to Focus on Carrier-Subsidized Phones

Chris Ziegler, This is my next…:

It all ties in with a conversation today between AllThingsD and Nokia’s US boss Chris Weber where he says that they’ll focus solely on carrier-subsidized products — a big shift for a company that’s historically been one of the wireless industry’s only major supporters of unlocked, unbranded, unsubsidized devices in the US market.

The timing is curious. I say that because it seems Apple is moving in the opposite direction. Smartphone growth is fastest in the developing world and that’s where stable financial infrastructure is lacking, where Apple has seen demand for unlocked iPhones. If rumors turn out to be true we’ll see a more affordable unlocked iPhone in the near future.

Apple is embracing the developing world with a more affordable unlocked iPhone while Nokia, at least publicly, is putting all of its eggs into carrier-subsidized phones in the U.S.

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