Super AMOLED HD with PenTile Matrix


Samsung want to introduce a new Galaxy S2 variant named Celox with LTE support. Now there are rumors that this smartphone features a Super-Amoled-HD Display instead of Super-Amoled-Plus. Etnews report that this Amoled use Pentile Matrix technology again.

Ron Mertens:

Fabricating a high-resolution AMOLED is not easy using today’s technology. Samsung is currently using Fine-Metal-Mask (FMM) which uses a Shadow Mask and is actually a very expensive method but up till now it’s been the only available method for AMOLEDs. It limits the resolution to 200ppi as it has a printing accuracy of about 15 micro meters (this means that a 7″ Super AMOLED HD is possible in the current technology).

Most likely a RGB stripe sub-pixel OLED with 1280×720 pixels will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to pack into a 4.x-inch display with current OLED manufacturing technology. According to ETNews (Korean), Samsung Mobile Display will bring to market a 4.5-inch HD-class AMOLED with a pixel format of 1280×720 using Nouvoyance PenTile Matrix sub-pixel technology. Samsung will use the so-called Super AMOLE HD display in two class-leading 1.5GHz dual-core CPU equipped LTE smartphones in 2011.