Apple Seeks EU-Wide Injunction of Samsung Galaxy Devices

Andreas Udo de Haes, Computerworld Netherlands:

Apple’s complaint, seen by Webwereld, a Dutch IDG publication, seeks an injunction for the entire Galaxy series. This includes smartphones — the Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S and Galaxy SII — and tablets: the Galaxy Tab 7 and Galaxy Tab 10.1. Other Galaxy devices, like the Gio, Nexus, 551, Europa, Apollo and Mini are also involved, albeit only in a footnote in which Apple states, “It is expected that these devices are also covered by one or more of the patent rights invoked.”

Apple seeks an injunction that includes a complete recall of all stock currently in EU distribution channels. The Hague’s Judge Edger Brinkman will rule on September 15 and if an injunction is granted it would take effect on October 13 at the earliest.

Due to uncertainties regarding jurisdiction, the Düsseldorf District Court lifted a preliminary EU-wide, sans the Netherlands, injunction of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but the injunction is still in force in Germany.