Crappier Display → Cheaper Tablets → More Sales?

Michael Arrington, TechCrunch:

If HP were to knock the screen quality down just a bit and figure out a cheaper storage solution, the BOM (bill of materials) on their device could be significantly lower than $200. Normally they’d retail that at $400 or more. But if instead they sold it for cost, and sold millions of them, a very robust developer network would pop up around WebOS. […]

The problem with almost all tablets, excluding the iPad, is the display: limited viewing angles, color shifts, and touch responsiveness. Arrington assumes a display that is just a bit less would help to reduce cost, the retail price, and to sell more. Sounds like an incorrect assumption.

Would folks cough up US$200 for a crappier tablet than the current TouchPad? It’ll have to be less than the current going price of $99, to be used as an e-book reader, in the bathroom.