Radiant Opto-Electronics: Backlight Unit Supplier for Next iPad


Radiant accounts for over half of the BLUs LGD needs for its iPad 3 panels, while Samsung sources BLUs from the Taiwan maker for all its iPad 3 panels, the sources said. Sharp also uses BLUs from Radiant for iPad 3 panels, as well as from a Japan-based BLU supplier, the sources added.

According to DigiTimes, LG Display (LGD), Samsung, and Sharp will be supplying displays for the next iPad. The most costly and energy consuming component to a LCD is the backlight unit (BLU). The next iPad, which I prefer to call iPad Pro, is rumored to sport a double-resolution 2048×1536 Retina Display.

Four times the pixels will no doubt be eye-candy, but the thin film transistors (TFTs) block a bit of light and more pixels mean more light blockage. The BLU becomes more important the more pixels you have. The three major components in a BLU must be enhanced: light guide plate (LGP), LED strip, and optical film stack.

LEDs are getting smaller, brighter, and cheaper. The LGP is getting thinner and more effective in reorienting light coming out of the LED to go toward the front of the LCD. The optical film stack includes diffusers, brightness enhancement films (BEFs), reflectors, etc. All of these components need to work well together and better than they do today to get around the 400 cd/m2 brightness* level we see on the iPad 2.

* DisplayMate