U.S. Consumers Not Interested in Buying a New TV

Riddhi Patel, iSuppli:

Spooked by a sputtering economy, an overwhelming number of American consumers are choosing to forgo purchasing what has become the centerpiece of entertainment in U.S. households—a new flat-screen television, according to a new IHS iSuppli U.S. TV Consumer Preference Analysis report from information and analysis provider IHS.

Some other possible reasons:

  • U.S. consumers are content.
  • The TVs they have are big enough.
  • They have enough TVs.
  • They are not interested in buying a 3D TV.
  • They are not interested in buying a “smart TV”.
  • They want to watch less TV.
  • They would rather spend money on something else.

83% of 45000+ randomly polled U.S. households in the second quarter of 2011 had no intention of buying a new TV in the next 12 months. Good for them.