Browsing By iPad

MG Siegler, TechCrunch:

I’m writing this on my laptop (a MacBook Air), but I really just want to be browsing the web on my iPad right now. So I’m ending this post to go do that. Within the next five years, I bet most of you reading this will also have this desire — even if you think you won’t.

Shift-command-r. Those three keys are what I press when I want to read an article online. Most sites, including TechCrunch, have an incredible amount of crap hovering around what I want to read. Let’s check out just how much.

First, the big ugly TC. Then a whole bunch of links: home, startups, mobile, gadgets, social, TCTV, more. And on another menu: hot topics, Apple, Google, Facebook, Kickstarter, deadpool, ultrabook, Chromebooks, disrupt SF, and the letters Cru with the rest cut off.

There are four of those irritating social buttons with a whole bunch of meaningless numbers attached to them. Is 110 Facebook likes a lot? 46 Google +1s? Who really gives. I’m told there are 60 comments. Once on the row of irritating social buttons and then once again right before the article starts.

Then there’s this big box on the right that brags 275,264 people like TechCrunch. That’s great.

Below that big box of brag are more crap: popular posts, crunch board, events. At the bottom of the article is this thing called crunchbase. Then a sponsored ad. I don’t have to see it thanks to AdBlock.

Next are comments. Some are good; most are terrible and a waste of time. After that are two more sponsored ads and then three lists: latest on Tech Crunch TV, latest in gadgets, also on AOL Tech.

Finally there are two rows on the bottom. One row: about & staff, advertise, jobs, events, Europe, France, Japan, contact, RSS, email, Twitter, Facebook. The final row: AOL Tech, privacy policy, copyright, and a plug for VIP.

Shift-command-r on my MacBook Pro zaps all of this. If the iPad doesn’t have a button that exterminates all this crap, then I think Siegler is wrong. I wouldn’t want to read his articles or anyone else’s off an iPad if that means I’ll be bombarded with worthless hovering crap as I read.