Lead Device Concept

Oracle v. Google, Document397 page 83, via Florian Mueller:

Lead device concept: Give early access to the software to partners who build and distribute devices to our specification (ie, Motorola and Verizon). They get a non-contractual time to market advantage and in return they align to our standard.

In the past Google had intent to give Motorola privileged access to Android. If or when Motorola Mobility is absorbed into Google what should be expected? I’m certain HTC, LG, Samsung, or Sony are angrily working on Plan B.

The next Nexus-branded smartphone post acquisition will be built by MMI, exceptionally powerful, sport the very latest Android build, and free of charge. With integration of Google services at unexperienced levels your every touch and movement would be captured, analyzed, and sold to the highest bidding advertiser. In return for a free state-of-the-art smartphone you’d be awarded with ads custom tailored just for you, for only two years. What’s not to like?