3M New Ventures Invests in Pixel Qi

Pixel Qi:

The funding led by 3M New Ventures will play a key role in enabling Pixel Qi to develop its product offerings into volume consumer markets as well as digital signage and touch applications. The investment, which successfully concludes Pixel Qi’s second (series “B”) investment round, will also allow Pixel Qi to build and to strengthen its engineering and sales capabilities.

The 3Qi display technology by Pixel Qi is impressive: full color inside, full visibility outside, in a single display. The 10.1-inch 1024×600 3Qi LCD is currently in mass production, but as you can see the number of pixels are limited. Netbooks, ultrabooks, and tablets are all moving ahead toward a 1280×800 pixel format. But no matter how many pixels you have on an IPS or Super AMOLED Plus display, you’ll be hard pressed to see any of them outside. Despite the feeble number of pixels, for anyone whose work requires full productivity inside and out a 3Qi equipped gadget is a must. For now there is no gadget; you need to do it yourself. With 3M’s boatload of money maybe we’ll see Pixel Qi’s 3Qi displays in gadgets at a store near you not too far in the future.