HTC’s Own Mobile OS?

HTC chairperson Cher Wang in an interview with China’s The Economic Observer as reported by Engadget:

We have given it thought and we have discussed it internally, but we will not do it on impulse. We can use any OS we want. We are able to make things different from our rivals on the second or third layer of a platform. Our strength lies in understanding an OS, but it does not mean that we have to produce an OS.

Well, not really; HTC can only use OSes that are available to them. And that excludes, in my humble opinion, the two best: iOS and webOS. As far as I can tell HTC uses only Android and Windows Phone 7 on its latest smartphones*.

Companies that claim their core competency in “understanding an OS” are all producing one. Step up to the plate, acquire webOS from HP, and show us what you’ve got. If it’s anything like the HTC EVO 4G then it should be quite exciting.

* HTC has eight models that use Windows Mobile and one with Brew MP.