“My dad has an iPhone.”

HTC US president Martin Fichter in an Mobile Future Forward conference interview, an excerpt by GeekWire:

[…] I brought my daughter back to college — she’s down in Portland at Reed — and I talked to a few of the kids on her floor. And none of them has an iPhone because they told me: “My dad has an iPhone.” There’s an interesting thing that’s going on in the market. The iPhone becomes a little less cool than it was. They were carrying HTCs. They were carrying Samsungs. They were even carrying some Chinese manufacture’s devices. If you look at a college campus, Mac Book Airs are cool. iPhones are not that cool anymore. We here are using iPhones, but our kids don’t find them that cool anymore.

The qualities of “anecdotal evidence” according to Wikipedia:

Anecdotal evidence, which may itself be true and verifiable, can be used to deduce a conclusion which does not follow from it, usually by generalising from an insufficient amount of evidence.

The few kids who Fichter talked to might have been rebellious in nature (most college students are), more sensitive to cool than others, or had uncool fathers with iPhones. Or all three. This rebellious nature, a heightened sensitivity to cool, and a desire to disassociate with iPhone-toting uncool fathers could definitely be happening in college campuses all over the U.S. Mind blowing.

So here’s something I’d like to know: since Fichter most likely uses a HTC-branded smartphone, what brand of smartphone does his daughter use? Probably not a HTC, if she’s cool.