Uncached WordPress Sites Will Get FireBalled

John Gruber:

If I link to an uncached WordPress site, it will go down.

True. I’ve seen this happen enough times. Not here though.

I use WordPress and it’s cached using W3 Total Cache. The combination has been rock solid even during heavy traffic from Daring Fireball links. Prepare your WordPress site; you never know when Gruber might link to you.

PS: In addition to using a cache plugin, I’ve torn out everything I don’t need. There are no more tags. No more categories. There hasn’t been commenting on DisplayBlog for quite some time but the old ones have been cleared from WordPress database tables. Revisions have been turned off.

And I developed a tiny minimalist theme, the one that’s running now. I was forced to, but I’m glad. I used Thesis, but one day it wasn’t happy with the world and decided not to play nice. I prodded, again and again. Begged even. Thesis just shook its head. Arms crossed. So… I kicked the expensive, heavy, unresponsive theme out into cyberspace.

From a blank, new text file I started to type away. I was bone stock at writing a WordPress theme. After an entire days worth of coding and testing a new theme was created. I affectionately call it Min, for more minimal than minimal. It has a user interface that puts content at the forefront and is 100% text. No transitions. No hover animations. There are no images in the UI. I did this to reduce the time it takes to load the content. And it should work really well at all zoom levels. Hope you like it. And Gruber, DisplayBlog is ready for your awesome wave of traffic. Link here anytime.